outside the box

We’ve started venturing outside the box.   Somersaults and races in the hallway to start.  We’ve been to the pool again.  We’ve been able to enjoy breakfast outside on a beautiful patio, with and without chicken wings.  My daughters insist on chai with breakfast.  Here, that’s black tea and milk, lots of milk.  If the staff at breakfast is not too busy, they take over mothering all of us and chai also includes about four sugar packets.  I think it’s great, but I’m pretty confident in my tooth brushing abilities.  I’m less sure of Yvonne and Francine’s.  Oh well, those baby teeth will fall out anyway, right?  😉

Both girls seem to be doing really well.  They both laugh and play and chat with one another.  They sing and dance and try to say some words in English.  They both already seem to understand quite a lot of English.  I’ve been so happy with their health overall.  Their teeth look healthy and their skin and hair does too.  We haven’t had any sickness more serious than a runny nose.  I’m so thankful!

Hard to believe we’re a few days into our second week together.  Can hardly wait for it to be our second week together at home!


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