the deep end

The baby pool has a deep end.  A deep side, really.  There’s a 25 cm next to two 27 cm sides then finally a 30 cm side.  Sometimes the baby pool is overflowing.  I don’t know why.  Yvonne loves the pool.   I think she’d stay in until her lips were blue and her body numb.  She’s getting more adventurous, too.  Crawling from side to side on her belly, and turning over and doing it backwards.  A big build up and kind of a fake jump into the pool is another new trick, sometimes she dares to do it into the deep end. 😉  Francine enjoys the pool, a little.  Once she notices her fingers getting wrinkled like tiny little prunes, it’s over.  She’s out and trying and trying to zip up her cover up.  She bends down the reach the bottom, where she knows she has to start the oh so difficult process, and the bottom gets further away.   The frustration begins.  Finally, she’s holding the two parts she needs to hold and the frustration continues.  She just cannot quite do it.  After multiple attempts she allows me to help her.  If I do anymore than just start the zip we have to undo it and I try again to help as minimally as possible.  Stubborn, that one.  She also insists on tying her shoes, which she is not even close to mastering.  She knows knots, just knots.  Yvonne, on the other hand, got it today!  She was so proud of herself (I was pretty proud too).  She practiced and practiced (it took a few times to convince her she could practice with mama’s shoes not on mama’s feet).

So much fun to watch them try and try and to watch them learn!

Hangin' out


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