Oh, Lubumbashi, how we’ll miss you!  With your baby pool and your cool weather (compared to Kinshasa) and your Hyper-Psaro just down the road.  We’ll miss your chicken wings and your entertaining ways.  We’ll miss the view of the lake with gorgeous trees in the background.  We’ll miss the sound and the sight of parrots flying overhead (this only happened once and I’m the only one who saw them, but it was pretty great).  We’ll miss you, but we’re still glad to be moving on!

Tomorrow morning at 830 our flight to Kinshasa leaves.  Sadly, we have to leave for the airport (about 15 minutes away) at 5.  Not fun.  Our embassy appointment is coming up which means we are about to start the final stages of the process before returning home!  Home, where my girls have never been.  Keep your fingers crossed, pray, hope, wish, or whatever you do that the process goes smoothly and quickly and we’re on our way home soon!

Lubumbashi, it’s been such a gift to be here.  Thanks for the memories!

Good-bye to the box!


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