Thank you DHL!  My family back in the states sent my girls a box of fun stuff and it arrived today!  It was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, a few hours after our flight to Kinshasa left.  So thank you DHL for your early delivery.  Thanks to the fam too!  Yvonne and Francine were curious as I cut open the box.  Once they could see inside, their eyes lit up!  They knew it was fun stuff for them.  They got shoes, jewelry, play-doh, recorders (contrary to three-year old’s beliefs, these make noise even if we blow slightly less than as hard as we can), harmonicas (less painful than recorders but a bit more complicated to work), balloons, crayons, kazoos (none of us can figure these out, maybe it’s been a long day and tomorrow we’ll be experts), stickers, nail polish, hair pins, and more!  Small containers of play-doh are fun to play with for a variety of reasons.  The girls made towering stacks of the containers and cracked up when they fell over, sometimes not accidentally.  The recorders became outside toys and the jewelry was a major hit.  I boxed some of it back up so we can have some new toys for several days.  So wonderful to have a treat from home!  Love it!









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