Fruit and attempted murder and stuff

Fresh fruit and veggies are in very limited supply here.  The grounds (of the box) has several papaya trees and a few coconut trees.  My mom was confirming with one of the grounds keepers that they were, in fact, papayas.  We were delivered a papaya and asked forgiveness as coconuts are hard to climb up and retrieve.  Could we wait?  The girls don’t love it, but I do!  Fresh fruit, yumma!

This morning there was an attempted murder.  At least that’s what I thought when someone threw herself on my very asleep self.  It’s easy to mess up with Keta.  She was saying good morning I reacted like someone was trying to kill me.  My reaction was just for a split second, but it was long enough.  She’s trying so hard to learn to cuddle and hug and learn what kind of touching is appropriate.  It really hurts those around her.  It’s sad, but physically painful too.  She mashes her head into my nose as hard as possible and grinds her sharp little elbows into whatever.  She laughs when someone, “Goes boom!” and either hugs tight enough to cut off blood supply or refuses to hug altogether.  Little steps for her, everyday.

Last night Keta and I stretched out a slinky and shook it a bit up and down.  Francine stood between us with her leg in the air like she was about to hop in and start jumping rope.  It was hilarious because as Bibi says, “You could hardly slip a piece of paper under her feet when she jumps.”  She sure knew what to just before that jumping part though.


1 Response to “Fruit and attempted murder and stuff”

  1. 1 Auntie Lindsay
    April 30, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Oh, Keta, she is really trying so hard. I continue to be amazed by that litlte girl. It will be wondeful to spend all summer with her teaching her how to be gentle and loving. You are doing great and the girls are making huge strides. I am so happy you have this time with her. Love to all.

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