evil genius

I won’t name names, but of my two daughters, the taller one is one to be feared or at least watched.  My family has an annual vacation to Lake Powell.  It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.  Keta and Francine are excited about the three boats (two fast ones for skiing and the big slow one for dinner and showers and nigh’ night) and the “big pool.”  I think they’ll be a bit shocked at how big the big pool really is, I know I am a bit shocked by it every year.  They have new pajamas for the trip that were surprisingly exciting and new shoes they can wear in the water plus a few new swimsuits and “jackets” so they don’t need their tubes in the water.  They’ve made food requests and know we get to see Aunt Brianna again.  It’s all so exciting they think it should happen later today, every single day.  Finally, to help them understand, I made a chain of rings.   Take one off every night when we put on pajamas, when the rings are gone, it’s off to the boat!  I know me well enough to know I’m not going to remember if it’s Keta’s turn or Francine’s turn to take off a ring and I know my daughters well enough to know that I need to know.  They know their letters, K and F.  That’s how we know which one gets to take off a ring, the letter.  The removal of the ring has become a favorite and much talked about event.  Yesterday, Keta knew it wasn’t her turn when we were discussing it after dinner.  Suddenly she disappeared and I was pretty sure I knew where she could be found.  Yep.  She was taking off the ring with the “F” so that it would be her turn.  So, here’s the lesson and if you’ve been a parent for longer than about five minutes you’ve already learned this lesson or if you teach or have been around kids at all you know it too, but here it is anyway.  Asking a yes or no question in which yes will be admitting doing something the kid now knows she shouldn’t have done and no will result in a lie, will always be answered in the negative.  It’s a lose-lose for the poor kiddo.  Why do these yes-no questions keep falling out of my mouth?  I’m working on it.  Anyway, keep your eye on that one.  She’s smart and always thinking and knows how to apply it, sometimes for good, sometimes not so much for good.

Other happenings so far…..

The temp is in the triple digits here and the wind usually blows too, so outside time is pretty limited.  The girls play with blocks for about an hour a day.  Just yesterday they discovered a bunch of toy dishes that I played with as a kid and have cooked and cooked and served meals to everyone, the dog included.  Put a baby blanket down as a tablecloth and voila!  Dinner is served.  We went on a short road trip to see where all these eggs we’re given are from.  We saw some family too, totally secondary to Keta and Francine.  Fun times though!  It’s still really hard for the girls to be in a room where I’m not, but they’re getting some practice and doing alright with it.  They are learning how to play and color and have fun.  They talk NON-STOP and often at the same time.  Even though most of what they say starts with “Mama” I’m rarely given a chance to respond.  I don’t think anyone ever had any interest in hearing what they had to say.  Some eye contact and an encouraging nod is all they need to talk and talk and talk and talk and that’s why this post has taken two hours and likely makes no sense. 🙂


2 Responses to “evil genius”

  1. 1 Suzanne
    July 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Hi, Ashley and girls!! Thank you for keeping up your blog!! We have not had news of our boys for three months, have no idea if we have passed court yet nor whether or not we are into our thirty day wait! It’s excruciating to just wait, but somehow reading your blog makes it easier. Somehow it makes our kids seem real. Somehow it encourages me to believe that some day our family will be complete and our boys will be safe and happy at home with us. So again, thank you!! Keta and Francine look so happy and seem to be flourishing!! Congrats!! Suzanne

    • July 12, 2012 at 2:10 am

      There is no understanding how absolutely impossible the wait is unless you’re in it. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go so long without news. I so look forward to the day your little guys are home with you and hope it’s soon! It will happen, but there’s no making the wait easier or faster. Hang in there! The end of today means one less day without them, it’s one day closer to them being safe and loved and at home. Thanks for your comments and support, it means a lot!

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