The girls had their booster shots today.  Unpleasant.  After, they had blood drawn.  Made the immunizations seem like a fun and happy picnic.  Reminded me to be thankful that they are as healthy as they are.  Keta had a bandage wrapped around her elbow at the blood draw sight.  This thing had super powers.  Somehow this small wrap was able to prevent her elbow from bending, at all.  Ever tried to get a kiddo in a car seat with a defective won’t bend at all elbow?  It also defied gravity.  Keta was unable to put her arm at her side, arm stayed straight out from the shoulder to the wrist, for hours.  Removing the “bambi” (aka band-aid, bandage, wrap) helped somewhat.  It was kind of impressive to see the switch from right to left hand for meals and play though.  Fingers crossed for normal function tomorrow.

The pediatrician agrees with the age changes I’d like to make.  For support documentation he gave me some sort of ages and stages type form to fill out.  Francine is young enough it applied.  Keta, not so much.  There is a communication section.  Of course her communication isn’t that of a “normal” 45-48 month old, the girl never heard a word of English before late March.  Fine motor skills?  Sure, they work hard in orphanages in countries like DRC to promote a healthy development of fine motor skills.  Practice time is right between classical piano and Latin.  Can Keta name on sight at least three of her playmates, not including siblings?  Of course, there’s her Baby Farmer, Francine’s Baby Farmer and Milo (I guess he’s kind of a sibling though, not sure he counts).  Does she dress up like people for play, mommy, daddy, brother or sister?  These people have been absent for her entire life up until very recently.  She still doesn’t understand she is and has a sister, nor does she understand daughter although she knows I’m her mama and she’s my baby.  No matter, she’s almost four and it’ll be big fun to celebrate!

I gave each of the girls an old cell phone I haven’t gotten around to donating.  They love their new phones!  I cannot recommend this.  I’ve heard a few (what’s the one after trillion?) too many times, “Mama, where’s telephone?”  I’ve had many phone calls from them and say cheese every six or seven seconds when one needs to take a photo.  Where do they pick up these things? 😉


4 Responses to “bambi”

  1. 1 Bibi
    July 18, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Too funny! I love those girls beyond all reason. I’m praying for a full recovery on the arms. Your blog is incredible! PLEASE keep up the great job of keeping all your supporters “in the loop”.

  2. 3 Amy
    July 18, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    finally made it back here to read the updates! LOVE LOVE To hear the happenings of these 2 cute Farmer Girls!

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