thankful, part 2

There’s a totally different response to bringing home two toddlers than there is to bringing home two newborns.  I can’t imagine two just adopted toddlers require much less hands-on attention and time than two newborn babies.  Lots of people said they’d like to do stuff for us, help out in some way, make some kind of gesture of congratulations, but most didn’t.  That’s fine.  We were in a hunker down period and not too receptive to company.  I’m thankful for the people who did it anyway.  I’m thankful for the person who sent me a bath pillow and body scrub and I’m thankful for the person who called on the way to the grocery store to see what she could pick up for me.  I’m thankful for the people who just drop off groceries.  I’m thankful for the neighbor who dropped off a basket of fruit and some goodies for the girls after we’d been home a few months.  I’m thankful for the family down the street that wrote a note of congratulations and just left it, along with some toys for Keta and Francine, at the front door after we’d been home just a few days.  I’m thankful for homemade banana bread and hot chocolate mix left at my house.  I’m thankful that someone other than me mows my lawn.  There’s no possible way to cover all that my family has done to help, but I’m thankful for them too, everyday.  Yep, people have been good to us.  I’m thankful.

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