When I first met Keta and Francine they had never seen a book before.  They had no idea what to do with the ten or so that I took to DRC.  After about five weeks, they were starting to catch on.  Favorites were the two versions of a baby’s first 100 words picture books and a close second was the Dr. Suess ABC book.  We read them hundreds of times, daily.  They were the most chosen books at nap time and again at bedtime.  They were the most chosen books for morning cuddle and the most chosen books for all other times as well.  At one point, I hid them.  Awful, I know, but my eagerness was slipping away every time, after the first 1,000 or so times, I had to enthusiastically “read” a book consisting only of photos of simple objects.  Sure, I was thankful the book thing was sinking in and the girls were learning English, and I was thankful they liked to cuddle close to hear the gripping tale of ball, tree, duck, baby, spoon and dog endlessly, but please not that same book again.  I was thrilled to get home to our larger library where the most chosen books were the Dr. Suess ABC book (the larger version someone had been kind enough to buy us) and the baby’s first 100 words picture books.  Of course we had to read at Granddad’s house too, where the most chosen book was the Dr. Suess ABC book.  I could not escape it.  We (I) had to make a rule that I got to pick the book for nap time so that I had at least one shot at something new and different.  The girls love books so much now that we’ve (I’ve) had to make a rule that they can read to me anytime of the day, all day long, whatever books they choose, but I get to read the books at bedtime.  They get stuck on a favorite now and then like all kids do, but are excited to read new books and revisit old favorites.  They love to read to me, to each other, and to themselves.  I’m amazed how well they are able to remember words even if we’ve only read the book a few times or the last time was a few weeks ago.  Keta can get most of the wording right, even in books about Gaks and Wumps with humps, and a guy called Ish with a dish used for wishing for fish.  Francine loves the characters.  She wasn’t happy to discover bacon comes from pigs.  She didn’t want to eat Olivia.  She seems pretty sure she and Fancy Nancy could be best friends, and duck might cause trouble for Farmer Brown every once in a while, but he’s hilarious.  She’s sad about the pigeon not getting to drive the bus and understands about Llama llama not liking school at first.

I’m glad we’ve moved past those picture books and I’m so glad they both really love to read.  I’ve started a list of chapter books for us to read together, which I realize will be quite a long list by next summer, when they’ll be ready for chapter books. 😉


2 Responses to “books”

  1. 1 Kim
    November 26, 2012 at 6:35 am

    One again something that we take for granted~books. So simple as we have always had and don’t think twice about. It is so wonderful to see life through their eyes.

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