big chickens and baby cows

The first time we went to Uncle Erick’s, aka Big Chicken, (there’s a whole big chicken/little chicken thing Keta and Francine have with Uncle Erick, not sure why or how it all started) the baby cows at his dairy were a bit scary and the “big mama cows” were really scary.  I don’t think I explained it all that well that the little baby cows were, in fact, quite large.  Keta and Francine were excited to see them, but were scared and I’m guessing a little surprised and disappointed not to be able to hold the little baby cows in their very own little baby hands.

We spent Thanksgiving with Uncle Erick and Keta asked to visit the baby cows each day we were there.  After just a bit of encouraging and some very friendly big chicken/little chicken name calling, she and Francine both allowed Erick to hold them in the pen with the older babies.  They both even let the tiny babies lick their fingers, or kiss, if Keta’s telling the story.

“Thank you for the milk big mama cows!”


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