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walking the dogs

We have a lot of uninterrupted time to chat on our daily walks. It’s nice and sometimes very entertaining……

Look at that blue sky over there! (That’s actually clouds, Francine.) Wow! I never saw blue clouds like that before!

Mama, why your favorite always blue?

Why Milo so ‘cited to take a walk?

I see another moon! (That’s actually the same moon we saw just a few minutes ago.) I see the same moon again!

Mama, why that moon move?

Mama, this apple make me has pretty skin and long hair?

Mama, we’re kinda cute.

Watch mama!  Those airplanes gonna make a big K for Keta in the sky!

Mama, we outside now. Can I shout?

I sorry-gize for ‘rupting Mama, but can I has dessert at dinner?



mamas in the house

Sometimes there’s more than one mama in the house. Keta and Francine knew nothing about family, being in one, the people who make up one, the role each person plays etc. They’re certainly figuring it out and sometimes play that they are the mama or the cousin or someone else related. It’s all good and fun to have this kind of play going on in the background while I wash dishes or grade papers or fold laundry, until Keta forgets she’s playing the mama. Getting no response, Francine will say mama a dozen or more times, from somewhere in the house that I am not.

What Francine?

Not you mama, Keta the mama.

Mama, can I has a snack?

Not right now Francine, we just had breakfast.

Not you mama, Keta the mama.

Oh, right. Sorry.

…..and play continues until a few minutes later when both Keta and I have again forgotten that Keta is the mama.

Mama! Mama!

Francine, if you’d like to talk to me, you need to be in the room where I am.

Not you mama, Keta the mama.

She’s says it like I’m the most ridiculously obtuse person she’s yet encountered and she has a look to match. She’ll be a delight as a teenager. 🙂



full tummy

Keta’s tummy has certainly been full many times since she’s been home.  The girl can eat more than I can, and often does.  I think she just has had no experience with a full tummy, so she’s had no idea what it felt like or what to do when it happened.  If it’s a food she decides to eat, I always have to cut her off after her second or third portion.  She asked for more the other night, thirds, and was only able to make it through half.  She told me she didn’t want the rest.  She realized she doesn’t have to eat until all the food is gone or someone makes her stop!  She knows there’s always going to be another meal!  She trusts that she won’t have to be hungry again!  It seemed like kind of a big deal.



people say ooh la la!

That was Francine’s comment while getting dressed for school in her sparkle denim skirt, just painted and glittered fingernails and those beads she loves to hear hit one another as she (almost violently) shakes her head.  Love that she thinks she’s so perfectly adorable.  And really, who could disagree?



beads, finally

Keta has been looking forward to having beads in her hair since we met back in March, probably even before.  Finally, I was able to chunky rope twist her hair and add some beads.  Now that I have a bit more experience with beads I realize I don’t have enough beads, don’t have big enough beads and need to research more methods of putting the beads in the hair and securing them so they stay.  Adding beads to Francine’s hair seems a simple and straightforward matter compared to getting them into Keta’s ultra tight and unbelievably thick curls.  She’s so proud though, and I learned a lot!



we’re back

After a two-week break, we’re back at school.  I expected it would be pretty rough.  There was a spitting incident.  There was a shoving incident, and then another, and then a repeat.  There was a fit, periodically.  A few other issues came up too.  There was a lot of extra hugging going on, and some extra clingy times as well.  We did it though, that first week back, we survived.  All of the anxiety and behavior issues could have been twice what they were (I really thought it would be much worse) and it would have still been worth it, being home with my girls all day.  Wish I could afford to make time like that our normal thing.  Still, thankful for the time we had and working hard to make the time we have as great as possible.

Painting your sister’s face is pretty great fun.



one liners

There’s a face on that moon!

When I has a baby I want hers name to be Emma.  No, Mickey Mouse.

Mama, you almost pretty! (While twisting my hair)

Can I be Santa Claus when I gets big?

Why this snow crunch?

No I do!

I does a good job.

‘Punzel hair! (Rapunzel hair, when hair is loose)

I eating meat, again I eating carrots! (Keta says in disgust after finding orange bell pepper “hiding” in her hamburger)

By-yoon is dancing! (Seeing a fan move a balloon around)

Fifty! (As in eighteen, nineteen, fifty and twenty-eight, twenty-nine, fifty and thirthy-eight, thirty-nine, fifty.  After forty-nine it switches to, one hundred!)

I has a mustan?