I don’t know how we’ve avoided it, the emergency room.  Keta flings herself from the highest thing she can find.  She sees how far she can jump, doesn’t even matter if it’s across a creek or onto a rug on a hard slippery floor or while ultimate skipping through the kitchen while I’m cutting sweet potatoes with a massive knife.  She’s shut her hand in the car door and thinks all those really fun trampoline moves are really fun, not on trampolines.  Her tricycle does not corner well at high speeds and sometimes that third wheel is just totally not used.  Makes her laugh every single time.  Why doesn’t everyone want to know if she can run fast enough to make trees blur into cool greenish blobs?  I don’t even get in a “go slowly it’s your first time walking across a narrow bridge without sides” before she’s disappeared over the hill on the other side.  There’s a church in town we walk by that has a really steep and really high roof that goes almost to the ground.  She thinks it’d be fun to climb to the top and slide down.  None of this stuff is that bad or too scary.  She has a sense of adventure, she’s daring.  I love it.  She’s three days shy of four though.  What is my daring little adventurer going to think is fun when she’s older?  I guess this is where I apologize to my mom for (very entry-level!) rock climbing and SCUBA diving and doing those century bike rides that go up and over narrow curvy mountain passes (totally worth the climb up!) and for the motorcycle and for skydiving.  Sorry mom! I pretty much avoided the emergency room though.  I hope Keta has as much fun and is as injury free.  I hope I’m strong enough to watch her do it all too.  Atta girl!



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