Auntie B said I was going to kill her when I saw what she got Keta for her birthday.  No way, couldn’t be worse than the recorder or the keyboards or the makeup and I just smiled and shook my head a bit at those.  Seriously though, whoever invented the recorder died a slow and painful death listening to heartfelt and extremely loud songs of mourning played on recorders by a large (or small, doesn’t make a difference) group of kids under five.  So I did, I said and it, couldn’t be worse, and I really felt like I meant it.  Her warning didn’t scare me at all.  How wrong I was.   Keta got a two foot tall Hello Kitty gumball machine from Auntie B.  Money isn’t required, but her whole defense was that it was kind of like a piggy bank.  They could use money to get a piece of gum and learn to save money.  Weak!  We had a spill loading the thing so most of us at the party had three gumballs.  Keta was too quick for me to get a good count on the number in her mouth.  Francine had at least two.  They’ve never had gum before, in my presence, since I’ve known them.  Never had gum before, I thought.  How wrong I was, again.  Not sure how they came by it, but these two are experienced gum chewers.  What’s really impressive is that five seconds after Francine spit out her piece of gum she was chewing another, just as enthusiastically as before she spit it out.  I watched her and knew she didn’t get another gumball.  Somehow, she had kept her two gumballs separate in her mouth, energetically chomping on them both the whole time.  No wonder I didn’t get any argument or even a slightly pouty face when I made her spit it out.  She had backup!

Awesome birthday present (just like all the other great gifts!  Our peeps are so fantastic!) and everyone is still on speaking terms with Auntie B, but does anyone have tips on getting gum out of thick curls like Keta’s and Francine’s?  It’s bound to happen.







Check back in a few days for a photo of this thing.  Already we’re needing a gumball refill, and a dentist appointment. 🙂


1 Response to “gumballs”

  1. March 19, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Peanut Butter or ice cubes.

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