year in review

One year ago today I sat in the lobby of a hotel in Lubumbashi and the waiting was over, finally.


Ten weeks in country and the rest at home, one short year.  Just a short list of some of the changes.  We’ve gone from……


Size 18-24 month clothes to, girl’s size 6, not even toddler sizes anymore.


So far below the 5th percentile Francine would need to be more than a year younger to even be on the chart, to above the 50th for height and weight (a six month age change got her on the chart, but the rest is just from growing like crazy).  Keta went from the 25th percentile to over the 95th for height and close to the same for weight.


Orphans living in a place not able to offer much of a future, to almost endless opportunities.


Terrified of stuffed animals to, sleeping every single night with Frosty aka Snowflake aka White Doggie aka Duchess ….


Terrified of dogs to, I want another doggie, a brown one with a blue necklace, to I want a cat, no two cats.


Not a word of English to, non. stop. chatter. all. day. long, and some nights.  Seriously, sometimes I have to go in their bedroom hours after I thought they were asleep and tell them to be quiet so I can go to sleep.


Never having seen a person with “yellow skin” to, fitting right in with this crazy yellow skinned crew.


Big round malaria and giardia belly to, total bikini bod.


That first tentative bite of pizza to, a new favorite!


Shaved head to, thick, amazing curls with beads!!


Blocks on tricycle pedals to, needing to move the seat up (SLOW DOWN you two, with the getting taller and older thing!)


Struggling to learn to count to 3 to, struggling to learn to count to 100.


Having no idea what books are all about to, having a considerable library and reading and reading and reading and reading.


Eating everything in sight as fast as it can be shoved in to, eating everything in sight but taking a breath every five or six bites for some conversation.


Not being able to sit still for braiding or twisting or detangling to, ok, still not able to sit still for braiding or twisting or detangling or sometimes even cuddling.


Having no idea how to eat with forks and spoons to, having no idea how to eat with chopsticks.  Fun trying though!


Needing a boost to get on the swing, to needing to make the swing higher.


Needing a step stool to reach the toilet and the sink to, forgetting we have a step stool.  Putting rocks on their heads, totally frowned on, right? 😉


A, B, C what??? to, needing to sound out and guess letters in every spoken word and spell every written word.


Needing to be touching mama to, needing to be in the same room as mama to “is mama here somewhere?”  Not quite, but crazy progress made in the feeling secure area!


Screaming through most every hour of the day to, smiling and laughing, hugging and cuddling and blowing kisses.


Fear and uncertainty to spontaneous, unprompted, frequent and heartfelt I love you, mama!  (Francine, Keta’s not quite there yet.)


Hands down, best year ever.



4 Responses to “year in review”

  1. 1 Carrie
    March 28, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    It’s amazing how far they’ve come in a year and what they’ll be like a year from now.

  2. 3 Bibi
    March 28, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    My life changed forever one year ago today at 9 a.m. I saw the girls first – tiny little girls that were so beautiful I couldn’t catch my breath. I’m supposed to be the photographer? What????? What is a camera? Being able to be there to watch my daughter meet HER daughters for the first time was the most incredible experience. I am so grateful I got to be a part of that amazing journey to bring you to your forever family. I love you always…………Bibi

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