kiddo — Where is the north pole?

me — It’s at the top of the globe, at the very top of the map.  Let’s go look.

kiddo — Why Map come to see us that one time?  (Map, not what his mother or anyone outside this house calls him, is our case worker, and he’s come to see us twice.  He’s nice and we don’t mind at all when he visits.)

me — He just came to check on you.  He wanted to make sure you were doing alright.  He’ll come again to check on you one more time.

kiddo — Why he not check on the other kids?

me — He does.  He checks on other kids too.

kiddo — No, the other childrens at our school.  Why he not check on them?

Hmmm.  Why indeed?  A person can have a kid before he or she leaves middle school, or any other time after.  Want to try to raise her, great!  No questions asked, no classes required, no need to prove you can support the child, no need to prove you’re mentally stable and have no criminal history, no need to prove you have a home, and a safe one with a fenced back yard and the correct number of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  No need to prove you have health insurance and can and will arrange coverage for your child.  Nope, for you there’s no need for any of that.  For me and all those other parents who adopted, there’s all of the above and more and a massive pile of paperwork to go along with it.  Plus, someone will visit three times that first year to make sure all is well.  I’d do it all a hundred times over and of course it would still be a small thing to do for my babies.  I have no interest in starting a discussion or debate and I’m certainly not complaining at all about what I’ve done, what all has been involved and continues to be involved in this process, but really, why he not check on those other childrens?  Sometimes I can’t think fast enough to answer the questions of my three year old.  I won’t tell Map.  😉



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