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more good times in jackson!

We’re at the bottom of the tram in Teton Village.  It’s chilly, low forties probably.  We can see it’s snowing at the top, or maybe it’s just been snowing.  It’ll be a little cold up there, so we’re sort of bundled.  We’re so excited to see the view from the tip top of a mountain and if there’s a little bit of snow for the two from west Africa to play in, great!DSC_0032

Riding up we can see down into the green valley below.  Gorgeous!
DSC_0037We get to the top and cannot see a thing.  Visibility is about twenty feet and there’s several feet of snow, on the way to having another foot.  People are getting off the tram to ski and ride out of bounds.  Fresh powder, I could resist.  It was a white out.  We had a blast!  K and F had never seen so much snow.  We weren’t really prepared, but we had a few snowball fights, made angels and a teeny tiny snowman.  The wind was blowing razor like bits of snow at our exposed faces (and my partially exposed legs) at a painful 27 miles per hour.  We had to run back inside to thaw out a little every five or so minutes.  Then it was back into the 8 degree playground.DSC_0045

We couldn’t see we were at the top of a mountain and that green valley below seemed imagined, but what fun!  DSC_0108



Auntie B is trying to take a family portrait, but it’s way too painful to look in her direction.DSC_0074
Warming up for another round of trudging through “talller than us are” snow and ice skating for very brief moments before “slicking” down on our bums and giggling and giggling.

What an incredible view from way up here on the top of the world here in the Tetons.  Isn’t it pretty?!?IMG_2925

Heading back to the tram to return to a little more normal end of May.  I wasn’t colder trekking to Mount Everest base camp a few Octobers ago.  Brrrr!



Throwing rocks and freezing toes.  I almost grabbed a snake and almost stepped on another.  We also saw a moose.  Excellent intro to Jackson.IMG_2831

Our first hike, Josie’s ridge.  “We’s so high on a mountain, even taller than those cars and buildings!”IMG_1019

One of us is having fun.

First bear sighting, pretty scary!IMG_2837

Loving her new light up cowboy boots!IMG_2844

Pony ride for twoIMG_2875

Umbrellas are so much fun, and it hasn’t even rained yet!IMG_2873


We’re checking out the sights in Yellowstone.  Best part, Bibi’s glasses covered in “fogs” from the steaming cauldrons.IMG_1044

Photo courtesy of Francine.  I’m standing next to Bibi, but we get an extreme close-up of Francine’s finger instead of my smiling face, well done!  🙂

Next photo is courtesy of Keta.  You can see all of us and can almost tell we’re at Old Faithful, well done!


last year

Last year at this time we were waiting to come home. Today, these two walk out of the house to wrap up their first school year. Amazing!




I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been without K and F in the last year, non-work related of course.  It seems like since they happen every few months that I’d really enjoy them, these one or two hour mini vacations.  Seems like I’d remember them fondly and look forward to the next one.  Instead, I kind of don’t know what to do with myself.  Time, just for myself, for whatever I want!  What a gift!  But now what?  What did I do before?

Before, I could complete a 5 a.m. workout without disturbing anyone but Milo, and he was only disturbed enough to sneak from his bed on the floor to the warm spot I had just vacated.  Now, I’m maybe ten minutes in before sleepy, stumbling little ones wander from bed rubbing tired eyes and looking for a cuddle.  How did I eat breakfast everyday without the entertaining and funny ways of  little ones scolding their olecranon processes, elbows, for “keeps getting on the table after I’s ask you not to, you silly cranon poss” and spinning their spoons around and around saying, “concave, convex, concave, convex” and completely forgetting the idea is to get some food in the belly before we dash off to school?  Writing this reminds me to relax and just enjoy the silliness, but what did I do before?

Before, I didn’t read a lot of stuff that rhymes and I wasn’t constantly spelling things and answering why everything and I certainly didn’t sing a lot, especially about opples and banonos.  I didn’t know about a pigeon’s dream of driving a bus or about an hornery duck or a pig who insists on wearing mostly red.  I didn’t know about Chocolate Me! or Blue Moo and now I can hardly imagine a day without.  I’m always happy when Choco finally finds his mother and I feel sad for Horace connecting his spots with marker to make stripes, just trying to look more like everyone else in his family.  Before, I read lengthy books with chapters and everything.  Now, I read three books in about twelve minutes.

Before, I didn’t have to worry that I might be doing it all wrong or that even though I might be doing some of it right, that little bit that’s wrong is bigger and undoes all the rest and worse than starting all over with the healing I’ve actually maybe made things worse and how do I know and what should I maybe have done instead?  Before, throwing a tennis ball answered any question of, are you okay, am I what you need?  Ah, the easy and relaxed days of before.

Even though it wasn’t that long ago, before was another life I guess.  Aside from reading books without pictures and finishing whole workouts, I don’t really know what I did before.  Now, it’s pretty great.



i just like these pictures

Silly hair day




Hat day


Backward shirt day


Just a happy Tuesday


Another attempt at chop sticksIMG_2604



We had a luau, kind of.IMG_2639


Gelato with the cuzIMG_2652

Our favorite little guy


New book from BibiIMG_2679

Someone has a loose tooth, but not the one showing her teeth. 🙂IMG_2703


First snowcone!IMG_2724

Immediately followed by the first snowcone tragedy 😦

Thanks for the free refill, snowcone guy!



loudly and clearly

K and F just had their end of school year program.  They each had to memorize a poem to recite solo on a microphone in a place they had never been and in front of a crowd of classmates, family and a bunch of strangers.  We practiced and practiced and the memorization was quite easy.  Speaking loudly and clearly, also no problem.  Speaking in front of people not living under the same roof, not as easy.  We practiced while waiting in line at the grocery store and at the post office and a few other places with strangers around, and I’d always stress the need to speak loudly and clearly.  We’d high five and hug and I’d smile ear to ear and be totally thrilled and impressed and they were so proud.  Still, I didn’t know if they would do it or not.  I gave them each a hug and told them to have fun and to look for me, right in the front, and then sent them down a seemingly endless hallway to a room to wait for their big moment.  They filed in with their classmates and took their seats.  Finally, Francine’s name was called.  She hopped up from her seat, walked up the stairs and stood next to her teacher.  She looked nervous, but she held the microphone and told the audience her name and that she wanted to be a cheerleader and a princess when she grew up.  She made eye contact and recited her poem loudly and clearly, just like we practiced.  She smiled and proudly returned to her seat.  Next was Keta’s turn.  She told us her full name and that she was four.  She said she wanted to be a cheerleader (someone’s big sis must be a cheerleader, most popular goal by far) and a farmer when she got big and then she recited her poem, loudly and clearly, just like we practiced.  While I would argue with Uncle E and Bibi and Granddad that they were unquestionably the top two, I was amazed!  Just over one year ago they heard English for the first time.  Now they’re standing up in front of a group reciting poetry, loudly and clearly.  Amazing!