horses, snakes and bears

Keta wants to be a farmer and a veterinarian when she grows up.  She wants to have 100 horses and a unicorn plus various other pets like cows and cats and dogs and sheep and goats.  Getting to be up close to these horses was quite a thrill for her.  Francine thought “their’s noses are so soft!”DSC_0027



We rode the stagecoach in Jackson.  A twelve minute dream come true for both kiddos, but for different reasons.  Keta because “I has always wanted to ride a horse just like this since I was a tiny baby!” and Francine because to her it was not a stagecoach at all, but a carriage, “Just like Cinderella!”  Thanks for the ride Molly and Dolly!IMG_2898


I’m standing in a creek to take this picture.  So not worth it.  The water finished being snow about four and half seconds before I stepped in.  IMG_2996

These two were in and out, in and out, in and out and in and out over a hundred times.  They squealed in delight and surprise every single time.IMG_2995

Thankfully there was not permanent damage and we’ll all three do it again as soon as we have the chance.IMG_2985


Just enjoying a perfect spring day in Jackson.IMG_2984

Our last hike with Francine in the lead.  Another snake sighting.  With bears in the ‘hood my concentration was elsewhere.  Seems like bear spray would require fewer steps to get it open and spraying.  I guess since you have to be a certain distance (way too close!!) for it to be at all useful all of those steps just ensure the bear has time to close the gap.  Also, you’re not supposed to spray if you’re downwind.  Totally makes sense.  If, however, I find myself face to face with a bear and if by some miracle I happen to open the spray correctly, before being mauled, I just don’t think I’ll notice the direction of the wind or care at that point which of the two of us is sprayed.  It is so cool to see them from a safe distance though and if it’s mama and her three baby cubs it totally makes the trip!


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