I’m making a list of essentials.  Maybe, if I win the lotto (I’ve never bought a ticket) and decide to add another kiddo to the current craziness (would I, ever, even if I could?? hmmmm) I’ll have this list to refer to.

1.  Glitter

There is no such thing as too much glitter.  Few things are more fun than emptying half a container of washable glue (thank you to the mama who came up with this!) onto a piece of whatever then pouring the entire contents of a tube of glitter onto the oozing puddle of stickiness.

2.  A good vacuum and the ability to accept being glittery for days or weeks, even after repeated showers

Glitter will get everywhere, even impossible places like the ceiling and freezer (and probably even the ceiling of the freezer).  Vacuuming will help, but no amount of vacuuming will prevent “glitters” from sticking to hair, feet, eyelashes, clothes, and teeth.  Only time can truly undo a super fun day with glitter (actual amount of time has yet to be determined).  Embrace being “farkeley” and after the three day drying period, proudly hang that six pound piece of super shiny scratch paper on the “frig-lee-ator” (and don’t be surprised to find glitters in breakfast).  Then go buy more glue and more glitter or get ready to claim to have forgotten, but here’s some crayons!

3.  A good masseuse

I don’t have one of these, but if that winning lotto ticket thing happens I’ll be looking for recommendations.  Until then, I find a nice glass of red wine helps me relax after (during) glittering.

4.  Stickers

Certainly not as fun as the impossible to beat duo of glitter and glue, but stickers are still super fun.  Alternate uses for stickers include use as band-aids when playing with the doctor kit.  In these desperate situations, dozens and dozens are often not enough.  Also fun, stick the impossibly sticky ones on wooden furniture while mama is trying to de-glitter the dog, as many as you can in the little time you have before mama turns around.  Always important to remember, removal is prohibited, especially when clothes are thrown into the laundry basket.  That sticky residue left after washing and drying makes a perfect surface for glitters.  Just like those glitters, stickers will end up in some surprising places.  No need to be alarmed.

5.  A blog

As this has veered off course and become an anti-glitter diatribe, I recommend a blog.  It’s cheaper than therapy.  😉



1 Response to “essentials”

  1. 1 Bibi
    July 18, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Of course you can never have to much glitter. Or glue. Or stickers. I am amazed that two little girls who had NOTHING of a “girly” nature in their lives have totally fallen for all things “girly”. Glitter on girls!!!!

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