In one of the three photos of Francine that I received during The Wait she had something in her hand.  It looked like a small fruit or maybe a ball????  I didn’t know.  I was just thrilled to see her unbelievably cute little self.  She had awesome cornrows with a pink highlight.  Adorable!  Anyway, since she’s been home we’ve talked about this photo and the others that I have.  I’ve asked her who the people are, where she is, what’s in her hand etc etc.  She was only two years old when it was taken, so what could she remember?  But, just in case, I had to try before anything she did remember was gone, forever.  She never was able to offer any reliable info about it.  She told me what was in her hand but I didn’t understand and she didn’t have enough words to tell me about it, just what it was called and she didn’t seem too sure even about that.  No biggie.  Just recently we were hanging out when she suddenly tells me about when she had a grey dress on and a moto car cycle came and got her and took her to the doctor and the doctor gave her a ouchie on the bum and then she got a kitumbula from the lady and it was so good and tasted like orange.  WHAT?!?  Is this real?  Both girls have made up some stories about their time in DRC, but this seemed absolutely not like that and it just sort of spilled out of her.  I knew she knew what she was talking about.  I was instantly Google-ing.  I found it!  I found a description of kitumbua (she says it kitumbula) and photos of women making them on the streets of mainly Tanzania, but also DRC and Kenya and I found recipes and yesterday we made them!

kitumbua 1   farmergirls 0

I’m a tiny bit Danish and often make abelskivers, so I thought these would be no problem (they look the same and can be made in the same pan).  I learned a few things and next time, they’ll be no problem!  We’re so excited to have a food from my babies’ birth country that one actually remembers having.  Francine cannot wait to make these for our extended family!




4 Responses to “kitumbua!”

  1. 1 Bibi
    July 22, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    So excited that little mystery is solved. And, how great you were able to find out how to make it with the girls. It is pretty amazing she remembers that.

  2. 3 Britta
    July 27, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    This is SO awesome! Once you have it figured out would you mind sharing the recipe?

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