ultimate whatever

Ultimate movie watching, ultimate matching games, ultimate skipping, ultimate Skyping, ultimate cuddling.  These are a few of the things we farmergirls do ultimate style, well two of us anyway.  Ok, it’s mostly one of us, and I’m more of an ultimate spectator. On the rare occasion we watch a movie when it’s not hair day, I’m on my treadmill or trainer with loud music in my ears watching K and F watch a movie.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is my least favorite to watch but my favorite to watch them watch.  They sing-a-long and dance and laugh and in between the songs they try to do head stands and cartwheels.  They’re on the couch and off the couch and on the couch and off the couch.  All of us are getting a cardio workout.  Unless we Skype during dinner, this too is a cardio workout.  By the end of our chat, whoever we’re Skyping is worn out from watching two blurry forms occasionally come into view.  At dinner two of us are in booster seats that we are kind of too big for because they serve as outstanding (decent) restraining devices (somewhat) preventing head injuries and crashes to the floor.  Ok, Skyping during dinner is still a cardio workout, just not so intense.  Who knew you could do the chicken dance in a booster seat at the dinner table?  Ultimate preschool games are often played too.  If you’re not racing around the coffee table while waiting for your turn, what fun is a matching game?  Then there’s cuddling.  This is probably the least restful part of my entire day.  There is some contact, but it’s usually an elbow to the ribs or a flailing heel to the knee.  I’ve been accidentally punched in the nose and head butted more times than I can remember.  It’s a good thing I don’t bruise easily.

We have fun. 🙂



2 Responses to “ultimate whatever”

  1. 1 Brian Spector
    October 5, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Booster Seats…assuming you are refering to the girls and not you…lol.
    Sounds as though I should send you a hockey helmet and maybe some body protection for “cuddling tome”.
    You do have fun there….lol.
    Smile….you have so much to smile about.

  2. 2 Bibi
    October 6, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Made me think of our cuddle times in DRC – I’ve never had so many body injuries in my life. But, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And, since I don’t usually go to movies, skyping with them is like an action move – I love it!!!

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