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happy birthday keta!




We love playing games after dinner and right now BINGO is our favorite.  For some reason we love to light candles, sit on the floor and play on the coffee table.  The silly prizes are pretty awesome, too.  I love that Keta and Francine are learning to identify numbers.  I love that they’re learning to be gracious winners.  I love that they’re learning to be good sports when someone else wins.  I love that they’re learning it’s fun to play, even when they don’t win.  I love that as soon as they have one space filled in after the free space that they are “‘bout to say bingo!!”

“Mama, I only needs four more then I gets to say bingo!”

“Mama, does I has a bingo?”

“O 72.   O 72.  Let’s see that’s a O and a 7-2, a seven and a two.  O 72.  O 72.  I don’t has it mama.”

Just one of the many options if you’re one of the night’s big winners.  Such good times. 🙂



sick day

We’ve all three had a cold for weeks.  We’d get better for a day or maybe two, but then the sniffing and four year old oh so charming snorting would commence once again.  Francine was burning up for two days.  She had to stay home from school.  The poor baby is so accustomed to feeling uncomfortable she didn’t even know she was sick.  She was probably hungry, often.  She had malaria.  She had giardia.  In a year and a half home, she’s had to stay home from school just that one time.  No doubt she has an outstanding immune system, but no little girl goes from two and a half to just over four years old without feeling crummy, ever.  Once she told me, as she was racing through the house chasing a dog or her sister, that her throat had a headache.  That’s the closest she’s ever come to complaining about feeling icky or letting me know she’s sick.  Didn’t even know she had malaria the entire ten weeks in country with her or for the first few weeks at home after that.  So, she stayed home that day and I raced to school with plans for a sub in the early morning darkness with two pajama-clad babies in the backseat.  She’d realize pretty quickly that a sick day at home is really a super awesome day alone with mama, so I had to be careful.

I convinced her we needed an extra nap.  It helped that I was there and that it was in my bed.  It also helped to have the kitten keeping her neck warm, Milo (our great Dane mix) cuddled up on her side, and Nay (our mini doodle) making sure her feet weren’t cold.   She bounced back quickly and only made a half-hearted attempt at needing to stay home the next day.  Poor sweetie.  Hope it doesn’t happen again soon, but it was kind of an awesome day at home with one of my girls.



lucky mama

Today is Friday.  That means it’s (usually) the beginning of the weekend for us.  I look forward to sleeping in and then enjoying a pot of tea with delicious Colorado honey and milk.  So relaxing.  A great way to unwind after a long week teaching middle school kids and parenting four-year olds.  I’m almost able to relax just thinking about it.  Almost.  It’s a good thing too since that’s all I get to do, think about it.   Never for more than a few seconds, though.  I’m imagining that almost magical moment, just before that first perfect sip of tea, when the reality of a morning without school and work returns.  Not a gentle return to reality, but one that makes me feel like a salmon, battered and fatigued but moving ever forward.  That’s not quite right.  It’s that, but louder.  Today, on this wonderful Friday with my girls, I was served breakfast in bed.  It was before 5:15.  When I was finally able to scrape enough early morning gunk from my eyes to see I sadly realized my breakfast consisted entirely of plastic food and my teacup was tragically empty.  Ok, so a warm breakfast hash and hot tea from two unassisted four-year olds would have terrified me, but a teaser breakfast in bed at 5:08?!?  Oh well, I got to sleep in almost fifteen minutes and still had that hurried cup of hot tea with honey to look forward to later in the early predawn hours of a day off.

Feeling so blessed to have such thoughtful daughters.  Breakfast in bed!  What a treat and perfect way to start our weekend.  I’m a lucky mama.

IMG_4694Happy Valentine’s Day!