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spring time!

We had a jam packed spring break.  Jam packed for us that is, many would see it as a slightly busy weekend.  We’re pretty low maintenance.  Anyway, we went to the Denver Aquarium.  Keta insisted on calling it The Fish Tank.  We saw so many incredible things:  sea horses, sharks, jelly fish, sea turtles, scuba divers, even mermaids!  We fed sting rays and got splashed by a simulated flash flood.  There was a tiger.  A tiger.  It was, I thought, a four and five year old’s dream come true.  They’d be talking about this for weeks.  Mermaids, seriously!?!  At the end of the day I asked what the best part of the day was.  It was hands down, no hesitation and unanimously “those stairs that go up without moving your feet,” escalators to the rest of us.  Apparently we could have had as much fun at a mall, free.


We tried roller skating.  Keta was pretty confident.  “I’m really good at skating, mama!”  She found out pretty quickly she had no idea what she was talking about and did not want to go out on that “slickery” floor again.  She exhibited the least amount of coordination I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve seen myself try to snowboard.  She was all flailing limbs and dead weight to try to hold onto.  She fell down no less than 200 times.  She asked for skates so she could practice at home.  She does not like to not be good at stuff and I have no idea where that comes from.  😉


We tried bowling.  I think if all scores were added, the five us might have hit triple digits.  With the bumpers in place a few of us still managed gutters.  We should have been embarrassed, but we were laughing too hard.  Francine almost beat Auntie B.  It was a tight game, a nail biter.  Francine kept imitating the one other bowler there that afternoon who was apparently trying to perfect her form and follow through.  Francine thought her hand was up in the air and her leg out to the side and behind her like a ballerina.  We probably shouldn’t go back, ever.

We enjoyed pho where we found out Keta likes sriracha on a spoon.  She also considers herself an expert on big girl “chomp” sticks.  “All you has to do, mama, is makes a x and then squeeze really hard.”  Simple!

We also had fun with our cousin from Seattle, went to parks, climbed on a mammoth, went to restaurants, hung out with Uncle E and Terri, watched 4-D movies, had our arm “face painted” and played lots of games.  Then, we came back home and spent the weekend getting yarn extensions, pink yarn extensions.  Apparently, long pink hair is actually a four and five year old’s dream come true.

We have so much fun!






happy easter!

imageHappy Easter from the farmergirls!