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Ahhh, summer.  That restful time when rather than an alarm at four fifty something there’s two kids rushing into the room at five oh something.  That restful time when instead of grading and planning there’s grad school applications and FAFSA and home buying paperwork and amended tax returns.  No thanks summer baseball and swimming lessons, we have enough fun, enough to do and enough to keep us busy until restful fall rushes our way again.  Ahhh, summer.  We love you!



school’s out!

Today we’ve had a bottle of hot pink nail polish spilled and hastily “cleaned up.” Meaning it was partially wiped up with a towel smearing it on an even greater portion of the floor, making it dry faster. At least at this point I was told about it and that it was all cleaned up.

There was a sad incident of one sister misinterpreting the intentions of the other one who was not trying to hit with a skillet from the play kitchen but was only trying to act out a scene from Tangled.

We’ve been painting our “new house” with sidewalk chalk by standing on parts of the swing set not built for standing to better reach those pesky hard to reach spots.

We’ve been doing cannonballs into three inches of water in a kiddie pool four feet across that we cannot get our Great Dane mutt out of for any longer than it takes to get his tennis ball.

We have a high dive and a low dive for our kiddie pool, two chairs stacked and an Adirondack, respectively.

Two of us ate an entire watermelon, before noon.

We did a few errands and walked the dogs.

We had a squirt bottle fight fully clothed then switched to water guns and swimsuits. Good summer fun.

What we did not do today was sleep in. Now it’s 1:30 and I’m wondering what the rest of the day will be like. What the rest of the week and the summer look like I can guess, pretty much like today. Love!




mother’s day

I’m thrilled to be a mother, love it.  Like being a mother, becoming a mother was extremely difficult in so many ways, but worth it in every way.  I’d do it again.  Millions of kids in need and all that.  Mother’s day can be a tough day for us, kind of like “Gotcha Day.”  We don’t celebrate that day, really, or call it Gotcha Day.  Let’s remember with excitement and enthusiasm the day you lost everything you knew!  Remember how traumatic and terrifying that was?  Let’s party!  We call it familyversary and we’re happy that day, but it’s low-key.  We tell the stories if they’re wanted that day and we have a special treat if it seems okay.  I remember that day as a much anticipated end to The Wait.  Joy!  I knew my daughters would be safe, or at least with me, their mama.  I’d finally get to know my children, who had for the first three years of their lives been absent from mine.  Joy!  But there was tremendous sadness and loss too.  These are the bravest, strongest, most resilient and trusting children, these kids with first mamas and forever mamas.  I cannot begin to express my awe.  It’s a good thing my two won’t read this until they’re older.  Yep, mama is in awe of you.  Now, get your elbows off the table and stop feeding the dogs your vegetables!  I’m in awe, but it’s real at our house.   Like our familyversary, mother’s day can be tough.
“A child born to another woman calls me mommy. The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me.” –Jody Landers
We all knew it was mother’s day.  K and F had worked on a surprise mother’s day gift at school that Francine had kept a secret for almost nine seconds.  I asked if they were thinking about their first mamas.  They said not really.  I was going to try to tell them that I was.  I was thinking about their first mamas.  One not given a choice, but the other trusting some unknown someone to care for and raise her baby.  I don’t know what her circumstances were or what led her to that decision, but it could not have been easy.  I was going to tell them that I knew their first mamas must have been smart and beautiful to have such smart and beautiful daughters.  I was going to tell them I knew their first mamas were strong and brave and that I thought of them often.  I was going to tell them, but I couldn’t.  Mother’s day can be tough.
Each of my daughters has a “first mama box.”  The boxes are for pictures or letters or whatever K and F want them to be for.  They’re not used that much yet and maybe won’t ever be, but they’re there for whatever purpose they might serve.  We don’t know much, but we want to love and honor our family’s first mamas.  A tragedy and a privilege.  We get it.
So, happy mother’s day to all the first mamas and all the forever mamas and all the waiting mamas, happy mother’s day to all the mamas!

i’m smiling

…. and shaking my head a little.

jello jugs = jello jigglers

high road = highway

It’s May and Francine’s next birthday isn’t until October.  Still, it’s never too early to start the gift idea list.  For her, for her fifth birthday, third recognized, she’s asking for scotch tape and a typewriter.  She’s getting the hang of this whole birthday thing, kind of.

Mama, the Easter bunny knows my favorite color is blue!

crash walk = cross walk

I’m not going to have a baby in my tummy, mama.  I’m going to adopt.  I think it would be too hard to get that baby out!

beef turkey = beef jerky

chewed me up = chewed me out

glide dog = guide dog = any dog wearing a harness

robox = robots

hula hoop in the sky = basketball hoop

We went to a dance recital.  Francine asked which color we were cheering for and at the end asked who won.

Mama, why the Earth spins and spins and we don’t gets dizzy?

Mama, mini peppers has lots of vitamin seeds in them, ‘specially this one!

Mama, is Tiger (our cat) laying babies?

She knows everything so she’s probably like six.

Mama, I want a phone for my birthday so I can call my mama at school.

She goes to school far away in Ohio.  It’s like eight minutes away.

two teeth tiger = saber tooth tiger

that moose thing = wooly mammoth

apthametic = athletic

knife on a birdbath = sword in the stone

taco bread = tortillas

Does this has sugar in it? –F asks while eating cotton candy

Mama, Donnerd and Comic are my favorite reindeers after Rudolph.

Francine, let’s pretend we’re playing reindeer games!

double duck = rubber duck

ena mems = m & ms

Mama, someday can I has a scooter with no handles?

Mama, I watched my last dream last night.  I needs to get some more today.

Oh, it’s a holly joliday with Mary…. and it’s a holly joliday with Blue Bert. (From Mary Poppins, obviously)

Mama, why is the uvula so far back there?  Mama, I think it’s to stay out the way when we chew.

Mama, why is the sloth so slow?  Mama, if it’s in dangerous (endangered) then when it goes so slow it’s easy to catch and eat and it still goes slow.

And Francine, once they were talking about make up! –Keta says about a staff meeting she attended and overheard us talking about make up testing.

Francine decided to slurp an egg instead of the normal chew and swallow and immediately regretted it.  She looked panicked and placed her sweet little hand on her heart with huge eyes on mine.  After a moment she sighed a huge sigh of relief, “My heart is still beating!”

Bibi and I took K and F to Hibachi.  Food is not fantastic, but we thought they’d love it!  They were terrified the entire time.  No, terrified doesn’t really cover the level of fear.  I thought maybe I had done permanent damage and would need a second job to help cover the expense of therapy.  On the ride home Keta asked if we could go back for her birthday.