things i’ve figured out

galac-ski = galaxy

Sorry to ‘rupt you mama.

Light-tricity = elecrictiy

Cracken fire = cracker fire = fire cracker = fireworks

I’m not one single tired!

That thing where we just sit and watch fire trucks = parade

You can be a pirate when you grow up and you can pick whoever you want to be on your pirate team.

Reffles = ruffles

Reffles = freckles

Mosk = moth

Mosk = wasp

Golf ball field = golf course

That dead place = cemetery

Lemolade = lemonade

If Milo dies Francine is going to “cry full blast.”

Imageration = imagination

The pleco and the snails eat the allergies in the fish tank.

Every mama is the queen of her house.

Flopsy, Mopsy and Jetson are the bunnies in that one book.

A really old aunt is called an ant-ique.

Keta likes to “push gently on Tiger’s foot to make her claw come out. It’s like a little pocket for her claw just like our mouth is a little pocket for our tongue.”

Pegus-cat = a cat with wings (some among us wish Tiger was a pegus-cat)

She was just born that way. Or she gots a bug bite.

Mama, why don’t we has earthshakes here?

Mama, my toe nails stayed on! (nail polish)

We live on Greenwood Avenude.

Me -What kinds of birds do you think we’ll see when we move?

K and F – penguins, flamingos and peacocks!

Collectioning = collecting

Eating fancy means sticking a pinkie out when drinking or taking a bite. If your hand is too small to stick out a pinkie while maintaining a grip on your water bottle, it’s acceptable and still fancy to stick out the pinkie on the other hand.

Things I have not figured out. This list should be a lot longer, but most things are so far beyond my comprehension I can’t even try to include them.

Dark white = ??? Maybe off white or cream, I don’t know.

Franken-style = ??? I assumed Frankenstein. I was wrong.



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