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business as usual

We’re not there yet.  Keta went to her new school Friday, but just for a few hours.  Francine has been to her new school, but just with the safety and security of her big sis.  Monday, it’s our first real full day.  Three stops in two towns by 7:15 and then a race to do it all in reverse later in the day.  We are stressed.  Coping skills have plummeted.  I’ve been asked more times than I can count, “Mama, are you going to pick us up at the end of the day?”  “You’ll still be my mama, right?” is a popular one of late too.  We need to get through this week, our new business as usual.  Thankfully both Keta and Francine love school.  Keta met her teacher and saw her classroom.  They practiced drop off and pick up procedures and how to line up for lunch.  She was beyond excited to tell me every single detail and was hugely relieved.  She’s so excited to go back tomorrow.  Francine “didn’t know school could be so fun” but will be going it alone tomorrow, a first for her.  She’s not excited.  We also had a race issue at preschool last week.  Not one of those friendly and curious I love your beads, why is your skin dark and can I touch your hair kinds of things.  It was hate.  Pure unnatural ugly scary hate from a little guy no older than four.  That my child will spend her days somewhere she is not one hundred percent embraced and safe and welcomed and nurtured by all is such a sad and tragic reality.   I’m naive, but I really thought that kind of hate would only be an ugly truth at an older age.  Why are people teaching their babies to hate?  I guess that is now part of our business as usual too.  Hideous.

As a parent, I’m thinking of all the parents out there this week doing their best to help the littles with the new business as usual.  As a single parent, I’m thinking of all the single mamas and daddies struggling to figure out how to get it all done and be everything and everyone that the littles need.  Stay strong and Hang.  In.  There.  This business as usual stuff is tough.





Let’s all love it.  Embrace it.  Celebrate it.



summer fun

Hard to believe another one is winding down, but it was a great one!  Here’s some of the highlights….

photo-17 The hot lips bedroom in our new house, as requested 🙂IMG_6046 We now have two little skiers!IMG_6090 We swam and swam and swam.  And swam.IMG_6144 We have new boots and pretty much only take them off to bathe and sleep.IMG_6170 They work for dress-up.IMG_6232 They work to go the fair, too.IMG_6240 Why would we play in a kiddie pool when we can play in a mud puddle?IMG_6245 Fun at the farmer’s marketIMG_6262 We have two new biker chicks in the fam!IMG_6264

IMG_6266 Love hiking around our new hometown!IMG_6152 More teeth are gone.DSC_0723 More Lake Powell funDSC_0679

IMG_5808 Pool time!IMG_5799 We made new friends and were flower girls.


Monday we’re off to our new schools.  I cannot believe another summer has come and gone!