summer fun

Hard to believe another one is winding down, but it was a great one!  Here’s some of the highlights….

photo-17 The hot lips bedroom in our new house, as requested 🙂IMG_6046 We now have two little skiers!IMG_6090 We swam and swam and swam.  And swam.IMG_6144 We have new boots and pretty much only take them off to bathe and sleep.IMG_6170 They work for dress-up.IMG_6232 They work to go the fair, too.IMG_6240 Why would we play in a kiddie pool when we can play in a mud puddle?IMG_6245 Fun at the farmer’s marketIMG_6262 We have two new biker chicks in the fam!IMG_6264

IMG_6266 Love hiking around our new hometown!IMG_6152 More teeth are gone.DSC_0723 More Lake Powell funDSC_0679

IMG_5808 Pool time!IMG_5799 We made new friends and were flower girls.


Monday we’re off to our new schools.  I cannot believe another summer has come and gone!


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