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science saturday

We’re doing a science experiment.  K and F measured vinegar and gently placed an egg in a tub that obviously had to be their favorite colors.  Tomorrow we’ll see that the egg no longer has a shell, which I think is pretty awesome.  It’ll be a surprise to the little scientists, a disappointing one I think.  When asked what they thought was going to happen Francine guessed that it would change into a flower and Keta thought it would change colors.  Look girls no shell!  That’s pretty cool mama, can we go clean our closet now?  We’ll see.  Just lots of “itsy bitsy bubbles” so far.

I just overheard from the other room, “I’ll show you where your butt crack is.”  I was immediately and simultaneously able to picture this anatomy lesson,  choose to pretend I didn’t hear it and hope that soon I’ll be able to totally repress the memory.  The mind is a brilliant and complex thing.  The adult mind anyway, the kiddo mind is still working on issues like the exact location of butt cracks.  And now I’ve officially talked about butt cracks and used the term more than any other time in my life.  Kids.  Awesome.

We just got Keta’s “kingarn” school pics back.  She was thrilled and so proud and Francine commented that Keta looked “pretty as a butterfly!”  I think they’re hilarious and priceless, the fake pose and exaggerated smile, the hideous background.  So perfect!  Keta is wearing bantu knots and a pretty dress that she looks gorgeous in but couldn’t clash more with the background.  There’s a whitish smear on her face that I suspect is dried snot.  We are going to laugh so hard at this photo some day.  I love it!




There is a new verb tense in our house, two actually.  One I’m calling past parti-Fran-ciple.  It’s a slightly altered version of the other new verb tense that Keta uses in which all past tense verbs get an (and/or an additional) -ed.  Examples of this second verb tense include knewded, singeded, and danceded.

nudist = knewedist   The first few times I heard this I was doing the busy (okay, lazy and exhausted) parent thing of the half listen and regularly timed interjections of excited or interested or curious ohs, wows! and reallys.  Then wait, did she just say nudist?!?  She did and does quite regularly and always loudly and in public.  It’s awesome.  Sometimes it seems like she could mean noticed, but usually it’s the past parti-Fran-ciple of knew.

Other entertaining uses of the English language:

K– Mama, where’s the salt on my tomatoes and cucumbers?  Did you not give me any?!?

F– She did give you salt, but it melted.  No, that’s not called melted it’s called…….. dissolverating.

F– Mama, if I go to Old McDonald’s it throws me up.

F–Mama, did you just teased me?

F– Mama, I wish we had a dad so you could relaxed in the car.

bean roll = burrito

K–I’ll tell you my secret ingredient when you’re 84 mama.  Are you 84 mama?

me– no.

K–Not even close? (She says sadly, like she wants to share her secret ingredient now and cannot take back the 84 thing.)

F–Everyone at my school is ‘fraid of aliens mama.

me–Really?  What’s an alien?

F–It’s a little green mens that is in outer space in a space rocket.

me– What’s scary about them?

F– They have creepy eyes.

It’s been two and a half years that these little sponges have been learning English.  It’s been happening gradually.  We still regularly use words like lellow, but these wonderful learning the lingo words and phrases are disappearing, like they should.  It’s bittersweet.

Here’s a few pics of my two favorite five year olds.

IMG_6627Hunting dinosaur fossils

IMG_6612Picking apples with Bibi

IMG_6619Before we “eveneded” out the yarn extensions

photo-3Today’s on the way to school pic



breakfast dessert

Happy 5th birthday Francine!

Thanks for sharing your “breakfast dessert” with us today!

photo 1-2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 5