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happy thanksgiving!


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better late than never?

Not quite a month late, happy halloween from my favorite princesses!
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november, so far

Why must we have the use toilet paper and wash hands discussion, DAILY?!?

F- Mama, have you heard of Sinbad?
K- Who’s Sinbad? Jesus’s cousin?

F- I I I love you like a love song baby…..

K told me she was playing a zombie game at school called walking dead.  We don’t have television, but she was able to tell me with crazy accuracy about zombies and how to become one and if you pretend to be a zombie the other kids will think they’ve already “turneded” you into one so they’ll leave you alone.  She’s learning so much at school.  Thanks peers.

I think the fire fighters who visited the school stressed the stop, drop and roll thing a little too much.  Keta thinks anytime there’s a fire, any fire, anywhere, she needs to stop, drop and roll and she’s taught Francine, including demos and multiple practices. I think it’ll happen around the campfire our first few times camping next summer.  I’ll post pics and tell the story to her first boyfriend, like any good parent.

Why F didn’t start kindergarten the day after she turned five is so confusing to Keta.  Apparently she’s forgotten that she turned five and wasn’t shipped off to kindergarten the next day.

Also confusing, how we’d know if it’s a mountain lion we’re looking at while hiking locally and not a just a big kitty.

Still a concern, why mama keeps not getting done with the current grade I’m teaching.  So sad.  “Why did you has to stay in 8th grade so many times?”

There’s an adamant refusal in the house to even consider going to college.  I keep telling them they might change their minds, but they sure don’t have to go (they absolutely have to go) and they could even go to college here in town and …… “Well, mama, what jobs can I has without needing college?”  “Well, mama, can I take the bus to college and then take the bus again and be home to have dinner with you?” “Well, mama…..?”  “Well, mama…?”  They’re really worried about it, leaving home or me making them.

Accepted without question?  Mama is 32 and mama will be 32 and on her next birthday and 32 on the next one and the next one after that too.

Francine tells Keta when I’m hugging Keta, “Pat her back and she’ll stay there longer!”

F, standing on our porch watching our guests drive away – I miss them already mommy. It’s not fun when people come and then they leave.

I decided eight degrees was too cold for kiddos to be out walking the dogs. What are they doing instead? Playing outside.

F- I hope all those childrens in DR Congo are getting ‘dopted.

F, laughing so hard she’s crying and almost choking- Tooter! She called herself a tooter! (She called herself a tutor.)  We might not need to worry about that college thing.

Silly girls!