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happy 2015!

Wishing you a safe and fun celebration tonight and a fantastic 2015!





It was just a big day.  Big days are stressful.  Even after two and a half years they’re stressful, wonderful and fun but really hard.  We had two strangers in our safe and cozy home in the middle of the night twice in three days.  We’re glad that Santa and the Tooth Fairy come, but the anticipation of their visits causes a lot of anxiety.  It’s hard to sleep at night.  So, for my two, naps are still a part of most days.  They need it, although less and less so and not at all if you ask them.   Single mama needs it, not less and less so.  To smooth the way, I told them they didn’t need a nap, just a rest.  They’d need to be in bed and be still, but they didn’t need to sleep and it could be pretty short.  Like I suspected they embraced this rest idea and went happily to bed.  Two or two and a half hours later they stumbled into wherever I was with sleep caked eyes and drool remnants clinging to cheeks.  Did you have a good rest, I’d ask, or did you sleep?  Both are certain they didn’t sleep, but thanks to this rest we’re all able to sail through the afternoon with hardly any meltdowns or unusual craziness and it’s still off to bed at the usual time.

We had an amazing holiday at home. Memories of that miserable holiday three years ago with only photos of my girls are fading. Those memories are being replaced with new memories of excitement and joy about everything from making and hanging ornaments, to seeing mama’s sad attempt at stringing lights around our porch, to the kitten climbing our tree and whacking ornaments all over the room (I think she’s having a competition with herself to see how far she can make them soar), and everything else about this wonderful time of year we get to spend together. Blessed!







What happened to November?  It was December all week and all week I’ve wondered what happened to November.  On Tuesday it was the second day my girls needed little boxes on their advent calendars filled with some wonderful something and I had to sneak into their Halloween candy so they could happily open that little door with a 2 on it and squeal in delight at the treat that was just hours earlier stolen from them.  I wasn’t ready for it to be December.  I kind of don’t even remember it being November and now I’m afraid I’ll one day realize I kind of don’t even remember Keta and Francine being five.  Time.  Slow down.  Please.

Home about two and half days…. photo-3 I could not love Keta’s TWA more!  I would let her cut her hair in a minute.  She’d never in a million years.  She has one chunk-o-hair in the front that sticks straight up from being very frequently pulled down to her nose (or upper lip!) for length checks.  It’s getting long like Rapunzel mama!  We love her.

Home about two and a half years…. photo-4We’re at a hockey game and having a super time.  Bibi’s eyes are closed, of course.  I would have used another pic, but look at little Francine sitting there not blurry giving the impression she can sit still for two fractions of a second back to back.  She can’t.  We love her.