almost 13 seconds

There was a walk along the river Tuesday for our dog’s eleventh birthday. Keta decided on it and said we should let Milo stop and smell as much as he wanted. We did. We walked for just over an hour on an idyllic path next to a river making that sound that those people put on CDs to help those other people fall asleep. You know, those people who don’t have two five year olds and a full-time job teaching teenagers and aren’t able to fall asleep in four seconds before it’s even dark. But, back to that idyllic spot for a birthday walk….. Also there, a dozen different kinds of birds making their dozen different beautiful songs. The temperature was perfect and I was with my two favorite people in the world. The same people who only stopped talking long enough to make obnoxious noises. Loud ones. Both of them, at the same time. Non-stop for an hour. I couldn’t even hear my own footsteps crunching along on the gravel path and those beautiful bird songs and that peaceful river sound, all imagined. Finally, I knew I was approaching the time when I was going to go a little wide-eyed and crazy and attract more attention then we already were. A sobbing mama on the riverwalk is no good, so I decided to challenge them. Two minutes without talking or making noise at all. What could we hear if we only SHUT UP  long enough to listen?! I used different words and an almost maniacal teeth clenched smile, but they knew my meaning.  It lasted almost 13 seconds. We’re no quitters though, so we gave it a second try. We almost made it but there was a lot of shhh-ing from one of them and a lot of guttural noises and frantic gesturing at cool stuff we were too distracted to see just minutes ago from the other one. Maybe I do need one of those CDs. Not for assistance falling asleep, but to listen to during our walks along the river.

They both have been going to sleep really early this transition week, our first week back to school. One night, I think it was a bit too early. I don’t know that they could have stayed up any later, but I should have tried to make them. I heard them get up at sometime that was still really dark. They raced, screaming, to the game closet. Did they choose a quiet game like “smack the jack” or memory or “checkerds?” Nope, they chose Trouble. It’s one of those games that you press down on a dome and really loudly a metal piece flexes and throws the dice up in the air loudly bouncing off the dome and finally settling with a clatter to hoots and hollers of “It’s a six! I get to go again!” It was morning, but too early to be awake and so cheerful. I went to tell them to turn it down a bit and found that they were dressed and ready to go to school with beds made and fish fed and happy faces to see me poking my head in the room. They’re pretty great. I’m pretty glad they’re here, those silly amazing girls.



1 Response to “almost 13 seconds”

  1. 1 Kim
    January 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    They are so fun 🙂 Love hearing about them.

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