349 days

Keta has been looking forward to her birthday for exactly 349 days.  Since the day after her last birthday, 350 days ago, she’s been “’bout to turn six!” and she’s excited to inform anyone who will listen.

Keta — Mama, guess what!?

Me – Nothing, I’m rarely given an opportunity to respond verbally.  I’m making an excited and eager face to match hers.

Keta – I’m ‘bout to turn six!

On the phone with Bibi…

Keta – Bibi, guess what?!

Bibi – Starts to say something, but is interrupted in the middle of her too slow attempt.

Keta — I’m ‘bout to turn six!

This, for the last 349 days, with increasing frequency.

For me, it’ll be bittersweet when the birthday finally rolls around.  Not because of the absence of the, “Mama guess what I’m ’bout to turn six” thing.  That will be replaced with a new and improved version going something like, “Mama guess what I’m ’bout to turn seven!” but because she seems to be  getting older so quickly!  Soon she’ll be ready to tell me she’s ’bout to turn seventeen!

Here she is, ’bout to turn six!



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