It’s tradition for Francine and I to “sing” at the top of our lungs on the way to school after we drop off Keta.  Sometimes, we’re even “singing” the same song at the same time, although not usually.  If we happen to choose the same song to belt out at a painful volume we’re never on the same part of the song at the same time, nor do either of us even know the words.  This does not stop us from fancy clapping and hooting and hollering in appreciation of our giftedness when we’re done (or need to give our throats a recovery period).  Mama, you’re the best!  No, no Francine, you’re the best!  The other day Francine was laughing and said that Keta would be laughing and clapping too, but she would NOT be saying encore!

On the weekends I usually get to sleep in ten or fifteen minutes.   I’m actually always awake, but enjoy not needing to jump out of bed and rush to get three of us ready and out of the house before 6:45.  It lasts almost as long as it takes to sigh contentedly and then my door is bursting open and Francine is shouting, “Mama, are you awake?  Mama?  Mama?”  Then I have knees and elbows in my back and my face and dogs competing for cuddles too and a cat walking up from my toes to sit on my shoulder.  There’s always bickering about blankets and which one gets the first turn closest to me and someone always had a terrible nightmare and the other someone had one too! and almost exactly the same terrible nightmare! and what’s for breakfast? and what are we going to do after breakfast? and can we ride our bikes? and Mama why is there a pillow on your ears?  So, during the week, my alarm never goes off and if it did, it’s not even an alarm, it’s a pleasant tone thing on my phone coming nowhere near the volume of Francine or a door thrown open.  I’m always awake before it goes off so I just turn it off.  Except a few weeks ago I forgot to turn it off and it went off while I was in the shower and Francine heard it and even though she was awake and waiting for me to be out of the shower she has not let me forget it.  Every night saying with disgust, “I hope that alarm doesn’t turn on again and wake me up so early!”  I get it, I have that same thought every night too.




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