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mama’s day

We celebrated mama’s day with an afternoon tea.  Keta and Francine helped prepare lots of fancy little finger foods and were thrilled to have tea like big girls.  I told them that usually people dressed up and sometimes even wore fancy hats for high tea.  They disappeared downstairs trying on all of their dress-up clothes and antique hats and came back up perfectly dressed for our tea.  Love these girls!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and all the first mamas and all the forever mamas and all the waiting  mamas!



There’s a really big festival in our little town this weekend, the 77th annual, but a Farmer girl first.  There’s a parade, block parties, craft fairs, concerts, band competitions, a carnival, and much more.  I was in for the parade and told K and F about it a few weeks ago.  I was going to keep the carnival a secret, forever.  Francine got in the car after school on Monday and in the most excited and animated way told me that there was going to be a carnivore this weekend too!  Thanks for that, whoever at school.

me –A carnivore! What’s a carnivore?

Francine — It’s like a parade and a circus! (She’s never been to a circus.)

Keta was just as excited to hear that there was a carnivore when F told her, and just as clueless.

We did it, we went to the carnivore.  Each ride was more fun than the last.  It was almost a crushing blow to stand in front of that stick and need to look up at the green-you’re-tall-enough-section way overhead, but F recovered pretty quickly and was still thrilled with all the kiddo rides.