There’s a really big festival in our little town this weekend, the 77th annual, but a Farmer girl first.  There’s a parade, block parties, craft fairs, concerts, band competitions, a carnival, and much more.  I was in for the parade and told K and F about it a few weeks ago.  I was going to keep the carnival a secret, forever.  Francine got in the car after school on Monday and in the most excited and animated way told me that there was going to be a carnivore this weekend too!  Thanks for that, whoever at school.

me –A carnivore! What’s a carnivore?

Francine — It’s like a parade and a circus! (She’s never been to a circus.)

Keta was just as excited to hear that there was a carnivore when F told her, and just as clueless.

We did it, we went to the carnivore.  Each ride was more fun than the last.  It was almost a crushing blow to stand in front of that stick and need to look up at the green-you’re-tall-enough-section way overhead, but F recovered pretty quickly and was still thrilled with all the kiddo rides.



2 Responses to “carnivore”

  1. 1 kim
    May 3, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    How fun. They look like they are having a fun, fun time 😊

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