So, there was a live baby chipmunk in Keta and Francine’s bedroom the other day.  Keta thought Tiger wanted to cuddle.  She didn’t.  She had a gift!  There was a lot of chaos.  The cat was confused.  The baby chipmunk was panicked.  Keta and Francine were screaming.  I was chasing the cat with the chipmunk then I was chasing the cat chasing the chipmunk then I was chasing the chipmunk trying to play defense against the cat.  I was holding a bag.  Thankfully the little guy escaped under the door into the next room.  Pretty sure neither of us would have been thrilled for him to be in the bag if by some miracle I was able to get him into it.  Then I couldn’t find him.  So I  locked the cat in the room with Keta and Francine and  locked the dogs in the backyard and opened the front door and left the room to let him escape without fear, but he didn’t.  I didn’t know if I should hope to find his decaying body at some unknown point later in the summer or hope he was alive and no doubt waiting to pounce on me in my sleep.  I finally found him maybe an hour later and got him back outdoors with him and Keta and Francine screaming the whole time.

They might not look like it, but they’re screamers, both of them.



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