the last one

As Keta and Francine become better aquatinted with the English language they make fewer of these funny and entertaining mistakes so, sadly, this could be the last one of these I do.

aim-chimpt echimpt = ancient Egypt

Princess Parapatra = Cleopatra, both K and F want to be for Halloween

rufus = ruthless, how we sometimes play marbles

eleventy-three = 113

Nancy Drool = Nancy Drew

Junie B. Jones = that lovable character in children’s books

Junie B. Jones = Jimmy Johns, the new sandwich shop in our town

Charlie Wompa = Willie Wonka

booby tracks = booby traps

get the heck out of dogs = get the heck out of Dodge

brat-roast = bratwurst

bratlers = bratwurst

buckwheat = bok choy

buck chop = bok choy

buck celery = bok choy

this leafy greenish stuff = bok choy

stick thing with fluff on it = make-up brush

pazoo = kazoo

teen-five = 15

perfavume = perfume



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