slumber party fail

We decided since we just finished a book that was made into a movie we’d have a slumber party and watch the movie.  It was a rough week leading up to this slumber party.  I decided we needed junk food, and lots of it.  I said we could each pick a “thumbs down” food to share, some kind of yummy awfulness we almost never eat.  I spent the week doing extra workouts and looking forward to donuts or cupcakes, cookies or pudding or red vines.  I did not care what Keta and Francine chose.  It was going to be all good!  I was wrong.  Francine asked if she could choose healthy stuff instead.  She was torn between plain potato chips and grapes.  Grapes.  We love grapes.  We have grapes all the time.  We also love cupcakes.  We almost never have cupcakes and I wonder with options like salt and vinegar why anyone would choose plain potato chips.  I was disappointed with her decision to go ahead and get both grapes and plain chips but I still had hope that Keta would come through for me and choose some overly sweet something I’d almost instantly regret eating.  She didn’t.  She chose pizza with extra veggies so it wasn’t “quite so much thumbs down.”  I was forced to miss part of the movie to wash dishes which I didn’t do.  Instead I was sneaking a spoonful of almond butter and chocolate chips thinking how much smarter my six year olds are than me.



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