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K – Mama, we were playing vet-in-ears.

Me, in my head – I have no idea what she just said.

Me, out loud – I have no idea what you just said, sweetie.

K- Vet-in-ears.  That’s a person who is a vet and an engineer, a doctor for animals plus a person who can build stuff combined together like if an animal needs a new leg or something or an ear, and our first patient is Tiger (our cat) but her pretend name is Miss Big Whiskers.

Me, in my head and out loud – Brilliant!

Other stuff…

K and F have a daily to do list if they want to do something like watch a movie.  It includes things like reading, making beds, cleaning the playroom, brushing teeth, playing outside, helping around the house etcetera.  Francine has cleverly come up with ways to combine as many of the items on the list as possible.  She wrote a book (create something – check), illustrated it (color at least 20 minutes – check), completed the task outside (play outside at least 30 minutes – check), and read it to me (read at least 20 minutes – check).  Her book went something like this.  “All about Francine.  by Francine Farmer.  illustrated by Francine.  First, my mom adopted me then I was in a family.  Then I had malaria but got all better.  Then we went to Uncle Erick’s to play in the pool.  Then I went to preschool.  Then I went home and we were all three together again.  Then it was my first birthday and I turned three.  Then I lived happily ever after, mostly.”  There was a lot of explaining illustrations to take up the entire 20 minutes.  Me, in my head – She is an evil genius and that is so cute and wonderful! Me, out loud – Love it! But you still have to play outside.

As I was riding my bike on my trainer downstairs with the four legged kiddos curled up nearby the two legged kiddos peak in the door all dressed up in dress up clothes with their dolls, purses and pretend cameras.  They were pointing and oohing and ahhing and I must have looked confused because they explained they were best friends visiting the zoo with their kids and Emma, our doxie, was a bear.  They had placed their stuffies around the house to be in their zoo.  They later told me they put them in places that looked like their natural “habtat” so they couldn’t really tell they were in pen in a zoo.  Me, in my head – We have places in our home that look like natural habitats for lions, bears, emus, giraffes, and red pandas?  Me, out loud – I hope you had a good day at the zoo and I’m glad you supported one trying so hard to be good to their animals.

those things to breathe up = snorkel

snot-icles = snorkel

eye-tacs = contacts

calapitter = caterpillar

hot chocolate fuzz sauce = hot fudge

aunt sister = ancestor

esplatypus = esophagus

Good times, mostly!


We lost most of our first batch of chicks since they ended up being roos and we’re not allowed to have them, so here we are with six new baby GIRLS!


Hair Day!  I love that K and F are starting to want different styles sometimes.