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So, there was a live baby chipmunk in Keta and Francine’s bedroom the other day.  Keta thought Tiger wanted to cuddle.  She didn’t.  She had a gift!  There was a lot of chaos.  The cat was confused.  The baby chipmunk was panicked.  Keta and Francine were screaming.  I was chasing the cat with the chipmunk then I was chasing the cat chasing the chipmunk then I was chasing the chipmunk trying to play defense against the cat.  I was holding a bag.  Thankfully the little guy escaped under the door into the next room.  Pretty sure neither of us would have been thrilled for him to be in the bag if by some miracle I was able to get him into it.  Then I couldn’t find him.  So I  locked the cat in the room with Keta and Francine and  locked the dogs in the backyard and opened the front door and left the room to let him escape without fear, but he didn’t.  I didn’t know if I should hope to find his decaying body at some unknown point later in the summer or hope he was alive and no doubt waiting to pounce on me in my sleep.  I finally found him maybe an hour later and got him back outdoors with him and Keta and Francine screaming the whole time.

They might not look like it, but they’re screamers, both of them.



summer fun

Hiking, camping, and fun with cousins, it’s been an amazing summer so far!









mama’s day

We celebrated mama’s day with an afternoon tea.  Keta and Francine helped prepare lots of fancy little finger foods and were thrilled to have tea like big girls.  I told them that usually people dressed up and sometimes even wore fancy hats for high tea.  They disappeared downstairs trying on all of their dress-up clothes and antique hats and came back up perfectly dressed for our tea.  Love these girls!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and all the first mamas and all the forever mamas and all the waiting  mamas!



There’s a really big festival in our little town this weekend, the 77th annual, but a Farmer girl first.  There’s a parade, block parties, craft fairs, concerts, band competitions, a carnival, and much more.  I was in for the parade and told K and F about it a few weeks ago.  I was going to keep the carnival a secret, forever.  Francine got in the car after school on Monday and in the most excited and animated way told me that there was going to be a carnivore this weekend too!  Thanks for that, whoever at school.

me –A carnivore! What’s a carnivore?

Francine — It’s like a parade and a circus! (She’s never been to a circus.)

Keta was just as excited to hear that there was a carnivore when F told her, and just as clueless.

We did it, we went to the carnivore.  Each ride was more fun than the last.  It was almost a crushing blow to stand in front of that stick and need to look up at the green-you’re-tall-enough-section way overhead, but F recovered pretty quickly and was still thrilled with all the kiddo rides.




It’s tradition for Francine and I to “sing” at the top of our lungs on the way to school after we drop off Keta.  Sometimes, we’re even “singing” the same song at the same time, although not usually.  If we happen to choose the same song to belt out at a painful volume we’re never on the same part of the song at the same time, nor do either of us even know the words.  This does not stop us from fancy clapping and hooting and hollering in appreciation of our giftedness when we’re done (or need to give our throats a recovery period).  Mama, you’re the best!  No, no Francine, you’re the best!  The other day Francine was laughing and said that Keta would be laughing and clapping too, but she would NOT be saying encore!

On the weekends I usually get to sleep in ten or fifteen minutes.   I’m actually always awake, but enjoy not needing to jump out of bed and rush to get three of us ready and out of the house before 6:45.  It lasts almost as long as it takes to sigh contentedly and then my door is bursting open and Francine is shouting, “Mama, are you awake?  Mama?  Mama?”  Then I have knees and elbows in my back and my face and dogs competing for cuddles too and a cat walking up from my toes to sit on my shoulder.  There’s always bickering about blankets and which one gets the first turn closest to me and someone always had a terrible nightmare and the other someone had one too! and almost exactly the same terrible nightmare! and what’s for breakfast? and what are we going to do after breakfast? and can we ride our bikes? and Mama why is there a pillow on your ears?  So, during the week, my alarm never goes off and if it did, it’s not even an alarm, it’s a pleasant tone thing on my phone coming nowhere near the volume of Francine or a door thrown open.  I’m always awake before it goes off so I just turn it off.  Except a few weeks ago I forgot to turn it off and it went off while I was in the shower and Francine heard it and even though she was awake and waiting for me to be out of the shower she has not let me forget it.  Every night saying with disgust, “I hope that alarm doesn’t turn on again and wake me up so early!”  I get it, I have that same thought every night too.




tooth fairy

My plans for the evening include writing a letter of thanks and explanation to my daughters, pretending to be the tooth fairy.  They wrapped her a present and wrote her a letter asking nicely for two small bags of pixie dust so they can fly.  They cannot stand themselves they’re so excited thinking about how to use their new pixie dust.  I think they’ve been working out this plea for pixie dust for quite a while.  Finally, someone lost another tooth!  I’m working out how to explain why I, the tooth fairy, can’t give them pixie dust and frantically trying to think of something that they can pretend is pixie dust.  And what can I find to make a pixie dust worthy bag, here and in secret in the short time between their bedtime and mine?!?  I’m kind of longing for those recent days when the thought of the tooth fairy was terrifying.

Mama! The tooth fairy is going to be visiting tonight!



almost 13 seconds

There was a walk along the river Tuesday for our dog’s eleventh birthday. Keta decided on it and said we should let Milo stop and smell as much as he wanted. We did. We walked for just over an hour on an idyllic path next to a river making that sound that those people put on CDs to help those other people fall asleep. You know, those people who don’t have two five year olds and a full-time job teaching teenagers and aren’t able to fall asleep in four seconds before it’s even dark. But, back to that idyllic spot for a birthday walk….. Also there, a dozen different kinds of birds making their dozen different beautiful songs. The temperature was perfect and I was with my two favorite people in the world. The same people who only stopped talking long enough to make obnoxious noises. Loud ones. Both of them, at the same time. Non-stop for an hour. I couldn’t even hear my own footsteps crunching along on the gravel path and those beautiful bird songs and that peaceful river sound, all imagined. Finally, I knew I was approaching the time when I was going to go a little wide-eyed and crazy and attract more attention then we already were. A sobbing mama on the riverwalk is no good, so I decided to challenge them. Two minutes without talking or making noise at all. What could we hear if we only SHUT UP  long enough to listen?! I used different words and an almost maniacal teeth clenched smile, but they knew my meaning.  It lasted almost 13 seconds. We’re no quitters though, so we gave it a second try. We almost made it but there was a lot of shhh-ing from one of them and a lot of guttural noises and frantic gesturing at cool stuff we were too distracted to see just minutes ago from the other one. Maybe I do need one of those CDs. Not for assistance falling asleep, but to listen to during our walks along the river.

They both have been going to sleep really early this transition week, our first week back to school. One night, I think it was a bit too early. I don’t know that they could have stayed up any later, but I should have tried to make them. I heard them get up at sometime that was still really dark. They raced, screaming, to the game closet. Did they choose a quiet game like “smack the jack” or memory or “checkerds?” Nope, they chose Trouble. It’s one of those games that you press down on a dome and really loudly a metal piece flexes and throws the dice up in the air loudly bouncing off the dome and finally settling with a clatter to hoots and hollers of “It’s a six! I get to go again!” It was morning, but too early to be awake and so cheerful. I went to tell them to turn it down a bit and found that they were dressed and ready to go to school with beds made and fish fed and happy faces to see me poking my head in the room. They’re pretty great. I’m pretty glad they’re here, those silly amazing girls.