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Last Monday when we went grocery shopping we understood that all the paperwork might not be ready for the Tuesday appointment (beginning the final part of the process to get home), but everyone responsible (here in DRC) promised it would be.  We have so many people hoping and praying for us to get home soon and we believed that if a person has a part in getting kids home to their families, that person would do all he or she could to make it happen as soon as possible, to help us out.  We knew that it would work out!  We bought food for about a week and a half, knowing we’d have to make one more small grocery purchase to see us through.  We were wrong about people here having the best interest of these kiddos in mind, about helping us out and doing what they said they’d do.  I have two very hungry and growing fast (thankfully!) girls who swim everyday making them even hungrier.  They’ve never been able to request more and it breaks my heart to not be able to give them as much more as they want.  I know this way is ok since they’re both doing so well and they likely don’t recognize what being full feels like anyway.  Makes me sad.  Keta is getting better at eating.  At first, she’d just inhale her food.  Eat fast or lose it!  She’s taking more time and getting more coordinated with a spoon.  Francine’s a bit more relaxed about the whole thing.

I am so looking forward to being able to run to the store for more eggs or bread or whatever if they happen to eat three meals worth of supplies at once.