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waterberry, i mean strawmelon

Is it possible to have the girls try too many different fruits?  After ten weeks without, I’m making up for lost time and Keta and Francine (okay, mostly Francine as Keta looks at a new food and immediately and without even a bite says “no thank you”) are eager to try them.  Strawberries and watermelon are favorites (even though the names get mixed up) with bananas and the stand by apple not far behind.  Apricots were only mildly acceptable until Keta and Francine got to help pick them.  Blueberries are still “icky” even though they’re cousin Elsa’s favorite.  They can imitate her eating them one after the other saying, “Yummy, yummy for the tummy!” but if one accidentally gets in the mouth there’s a face and some attempts at spitting that follow.  Overall, they’re both great eaters and easy to please.  It’s helped make the transition to home go pretty smoothly.

Both girls are experiencing less and less terror at the sight of the family dog.  He’s truly a gentle giant and is giving the girls plenty of space.  Francine has touched him a few times and is so proud of herself.  Keta fed him a few milkbones and the look on her face was like she single-handedly ended world hunger.  He’s really not that scary, until he moves.  Then he’s surely going to eat them whole even though he’s been napping at their feet for thirty minutes.

We had the first home visit by our social worker.  It was absolutely a non-event, but I’m relieved to have it out of the way.  The paperwork to validate their adoptions has started.  They’ll get U.S. issued birth certificates and become citizens when it’s all done.  Their dates of birth will be finalized as well.  We’ll never know how close they’ll be to the actual days, but that’s alright.

Amazing how well they’re doing.  Most people who meet them are shocked at how much English they speak and understand even though they totally clam up when it’s more than just the three of us.  They’re fun to be around, both of them.  I’m exceptionally lucky!


Fruit and attempted murder and stuff

Fresh fruit and veggies are in very limited supply here.  The grounds (of the box) has several papaya trees and a few coconut trees.  My mom was confirming with one of the grounds keepers that they were, in fact, papayas.  We were delivered a papaya and asked forgiveness as coconuts are hard to climb up and retrieve.  Could we wait?  The girls don’t love it, but I do!  Fresh fruit, yumma!

This morning there was an attempted murder.  At least that’s what I thought when someone threw herself on my very asleep self.  It’s easy to mess up with Keta.  She was saying good morning I reacted like someone was trying to kill me.  My reaction was just for a split second, but it was long enough.  She’s trying so hard to learn to cuddle and hug and learn what kind of touching is appropriate.  It really hurts those around her.  It’s sad, but physically painful too.  She mashes her head into my nose as hard as possible and grinds her sharp little elbows into whatever.  She laughs when someone, “Goes boom!” and either hugs tight enough to cut off blood supply or refuses to hug altogether.  Little steps for her, everyday.

Last night Keta and I stretched out a slinky and shook it a bit up and down.  Francine stood between us with her leg in the air like she was about to hop in and start jumping rope.  It was hilarious because as Bibi says, “You could hardly slip a piece of paper under her feet when she jumps.”  She sure knew what to just before that jumping part though.