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mama’s day

We celebrated mama’s day with an afternoon tea.  Keta and Francine helped prepare lots of fancy little finger foods and were thrilled to have tea like big girls.  I told them that usually people dressed up and sometimes even wore fancy hats for high tea.  They disappeared downstairs trying on all of their dress-up clothes and antique hats and came back up perfectly dressed for our tea.  Love these girls!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and all the first mamas and all the forever mamas and all the waiting  mamas!


keta’s even day

I can’t tell her about the day she was born. I can’t tell her about how old she was when she learned to walk or how much fun her first birthday was. I can’t tell her about her first tooth or her first word. I can agonize over that loss for her and for me and sometimes I do. Today though, we’re celebrating! We’re celebrating a made up family holiday, a once in a lifetime we’re even day! Although we know her DOB is not correct, it’s all we have so we go with it, and today, we’re even. She’s been with her forever family exactly as long as she was waiting, just over three years.  So even though we lost so much and so much is forever unknown we have this awesome holiday when the answer to this phenomenal little girl’s every request is, “Yes!” Today the only thing she’ll be agonizing over is where to have dinner and more importantly, what to choose for dessert.


She knows that today she calls all the shots.  We can do anything, eat anywhere or cook anything.  She chose to walk the dogs along the river where she and her sister (and her four legged siblings) played and jumped and ran and got soaked.  She chose doughnuts for dessert, chocolate ones with sprinkles, and for dinner she chose Taco Bell.  We’ve never been so I don’t even know how she knows about Taco Bell, but Taco Bell it was.  She’s now enjoying a movie (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!) and has had an amazing we’re even day.



Three years ago todayDSC_0076

Just the other dayIMG_7638

It’s a happy 3rd familyversary!


hug timer

We’re all three headed back to our three separate places tomorrow after a wonderful two weeks all in the same place, usually in the same room of the same place. In anticipation of this stressful day the hug timer has been requested. I set my watch timer to alert us every twenty minutes at which time we stop whatever we’re doing and give each other a squeeze and a tickle or a raspberry. It helps.

K and F got money from their great-grandpa for Christmas. After much thought they decided they’d each like to buy a movie. There are so many great kid movies! They walked past all of them. They could not be swayed. We own two new Barbie movies, one of which we rented from RedBox twice before. We’ve now seen it somewhere in the double digits in less than two weeks. It’s still hilarious and wonderful. They sing and dance and laugh and I remind them that when it’s hair day I get to choose the movies.

Most days I run on a treadmill or ride my road bike tragically stuck in one place on its trainer. —They just ran in the room asking if I’d seen their pants and ran out just as quickly.— Anyway, K and F are in the room or if they’re feeling really secure, in the next room, preparing me a post workout snack. So thoughtful! I have to cram my just heavily used legs into a too small folding chair and try to inch them under a too small folding table bruising my knees. Then I have to pretend that the fake fruit and empty tea cup are just what’s needed. So refreshing and no stiffness results at all! Love it!

We’ve had some snow here, but we’ve still been able to walk the dogs. I say bundle up and they come smiling into the room a few minutes later with crop tights and tee shirts and jackets tied around their waists. Then I explain what bundle up means and they try again. And then I repeat this all the next time we take a walk. And the next time. And the next. And yesterday we’re walking along the icy river and I notice I can’t see Keta’s socks. It’s because she’s not wearing socks. I thought with snow on the ground and with all the bundle up talk I wouldn’t need to confirm everyone was wearing socks before we left the house. I was wrong.

Keta really wants to see a bob eagle sometime.

Francine thinks cow poop is called dumb. I don’t know why she shared that with me, but it is pretty close to dung.

Oh. My. Goodness! You’re getting unriched! Keta tells Francine when we’re playing monopoly.

Lions, and panthers and bears.  Oh my!

Keta sits cross legged and places her thumbs and pointers together —they just ran in the room and I had to tell them to put pants on, it’s cold!— and pretends to relax. She explains she’s focing (folking?) on nothing. She’s so zen and centered.

Mama, can you get Francine out of my nerves? She’s ignoying me.

We have so much fun!


Halfro with a beaded headband and little cornrows in the front

Frohawk — super cute!

Big hair!  Love!IMG_7108

Rocking the frohawks and new boots
IMG_7174Sisters are pretty great!


happy 2015!

Wishing you a safe and fun celebration tonight and a fantastic 2015!




happy thanksgiving!


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breakfast dessert

Happy 5th birthday Francine!

Thanks for sharing your “breakfast dessert” with us today!

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